The announcement of price rises by industry-leading control panel cPanel earlier in the year has left the web hosting industry scrambling to determine how to respond to the changes without adversely affecting services and prices offered to clients. Some providers closed shop, some passed on the price rises, and others such as us at Hosting Hangar took the ambitious task of migrating to an alternative control panel, in our case Direct Admin.

We did some calculations and discovered that by changing to a different datacentre, we were able to get more powerful servers with increased disk space and transfer limits without paying any more than our existing provider while also changing over to the Direct Admin control panel. We decided to pass the savings on to our loyal customers by increasing storage and transfer limits while retaining existing prices.

We have never been happy with our previous website and decided that with the back end and plan changes, it was also time to update the website. It’s complete for the most part, but we are still working on adding content and fixing mistakes. So far, the new website is far easier to manage and maintain leaving us more time to work with customers and keep the servers operating at peak performance.

Our video tutorial projects have faced some delays due to the change-over but are now higher priority as Direct Admin is far less common compared to our previous control panel, cPanel. We have started to write the first scripts for the first stage of tutorial videos and are excited to start production. We expect to post these videos to a YouTube channel, our blog, our knowledge base, and our Facebook page. We are happy to work out a deal with other hosting services that use Direct Admin who wants to use our videos with their branding. If you want to use our videos with your branding, please contact us.

Now that we have finished the migration and are ready to sell shared hosting plans again, we have decided to investigate the possibility of offering other services such as reseller plans and shout cast stream hosting. Once we determine a pricing structure, we will post about our upcoming reseller plans. These will be ideal for managed services providers or web designers wanting to offer to host to their clients without the headache of having to manage servers themselves. Stream hosting will come after we release shared hosting plans and will likely be shout cast based to serve audio streams with the best quality and most compatibility.

In conclusion we have taken a major shock to the hosting industry and used it to improve the services, quality, and performance we provide to our clients, there have been teething issues and times behind the scenes that were trying but, in the end we managed to succeed and transform ourselves into a hosting provider with an eye on the future.

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