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About Us


About Us

Reliable Hosting For Everyone

Hosting Hangar is a division of Small Space IT, an IT services provider in Regional Australia. We have been providing quality web, email and shoutcast hosting since 2008. In 2017 we decided to spin off our web-hosting services into the Hosting Hangar brand to reach a more world wide audience.

Our experiences over this time have given us the skills to ensure that your site, no matter if it’s a personal blog or large E-Commerce site will remain online.

Hosting Hangar FAQ

Shared Hosting

We offer the highest quality shared hosting plans on hardware that is not oversold. You can use the resources you pay for.

We understand that in the modern world, your website and your email address are the first contact points of your business and must be avaliable 24/7 if you want to compete.

Reseller Hosting

We are investigating the possibility of offering reseller hosting plans in the future.

Shoutcast Hosting

We are currently investigating the different control panels used for Shoutcast and Radio hosting.

Managed Hosting Services.

Do you want the power of a VPS or dedicated server for your website but, don’t know how to configure or operate such a setup? Contact us at Hosting Hangar today and we can determine the best fit your needs and manage it on your behalf.

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